November 30, 2023

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moving catering business operations

moving catering business operations

As a student traversing the MacMurray College campus in the late 1990s, it’s unlikely Brian Reilly realized just how intertwined he and the campus one day would become.

Reilly remained active with his alma mater, serving for several years on the college’s alumni board after his graduation in 1999.

Then the natural tide of life kept shifting toward other pursuits, like marriage, work, and starting his own business. MacMurray College closed its doors in May 2020 after 174 years. Within a year, the campus and its stately buildings of academia would be parceled to the highest bidders.

But Reilly and his wife, Melissa, wouldn’t let the story end there.

Instead, they decided to move the operations of their business, Cured Catering, to Brian’s old stomping grounds.

The Reillys announced Wednesday that while the company will continue to offer catering services in Springfield and other west-central Illinois locations, they will manage the former McClelland Dining Hall and Annie Merner Chapel and have venue space available at both locations. They are considering including an outdoor patio for events and an on-site Airbnb rental for wedding parties and event planners.