November 30, 2023

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Catering provide fresh service

Catering provide fresh service

The dual grand opening for the butcher and grocery shop Country Sprouts and V’s Restaurant and Catering had a large turnout on Saturday in Garysburg.

The event was scheduled for 11 a.m., but customers were already waiting outside in a long line. Some even waited since 8 a.m.

Mary Taylor, lifelong resident of Garysburg, said she was standing in line for two hours waiting for the shop to open.


Vicky Bennett said she owns V’s Restaurant and Catering, which is adjacent to Derrick Benett Jr., her son, who is the owner of Country Sprouts. Vicky said she was surprised with the turnout on Saturday.

“I was just completely ecstatic,” she said.

Vicky said her business was originally V’s Gourmet Food Service and has been under the name since she started in 2000. She said she started out with in-house catering for charter schools and locals and grew from there. Vicky said she does a lot of catering, but this is her first go with a restaurant.